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Frequently Asked Questions

Shy 38 Inc Kansas Farm Sanctuary Pigs
  • Can we visit the farm anytime? What are the hours?
    We don't have regular open hours. We offer private tours and are open for special events. During summer and fall we also hold Open Barn Days that allow visitors to walk through the sanctuary in a guided group tour setting. Please follow us on social media @shy38inc or check out our Events page for upcoming opportunities to visit us.
  • Can my companion animal accompany me during my visit to the farm?
    Unfortunately, no. Our residents are natural prey animals and may be frightened by dogs they aren't familiar with. Additionally, the sanctuary is also our family's home and there are dogs on the property. While we are sure your pets are friendly, we can't take any chances for the safety of everyone involved. Thank you for understanding.
  • Do you adopt out any of your rescue animals?
    No, we do not. As a sanctuary, our residents spend the remainder of their natural lives with us. We don't offer a foster/adoption program.
  • Can we surrender our animal to you?
    If you have an animal you cannot keep or need other assistance, please send an email to or text 816-756-4407. Unfortunately we are currently at capacity and are only considering certain cases, however, we might be able to help you with networking in order to help place your animal.
  • How can I help your organization?
    We would love your support! Please visit our Ways to Help page for more information.
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